The easiest option is to go to a holiday village and spend the weekend swimming in the pool, visiting leisure activities and Wellness treatments. It is very convenient enough in advance to book rooms and then come on the appointed day. Then you can forget about household chores: you don't have to clean the room, cook, wash dishes, etc., because this will take care of staff. The mere awareness of this fact has a beneficial effect on some people.If you have any special Hobbies, you can go where you will be able to do what you love. On the weekend, you can organize a paintball game or airsoft, ride horses, go fishing or hunting, to jump with a parachute, to visit caves or in the mountains, picking berries and mushrooms or just enjoy a picnic outside the city. Find out what interesting places are nearby from your city and go there. It may be monasteries, monuments, scenic rivers and lakes, etc. People who even on the weekend don't want to leave the city should create a cultural program. Visit the theatre, the circus, water Park, go to the movies or to the Museum. You can also go to a sauna, a Wellness center or in a restaurant. It is advisable to visit places where you haven't been before: a beautiful experience can be very useful.As strange as it may sound, on the weekends you can go to another country: for example, in England, France, Germany, Czech Republic, etc. This holiday requires considerable material costs and the availability of all necessary documents, but at the same time it helps to distract from problems and to see many magnificent places you've never been before. It is recommended to purchase a plane ticket to Friday night to go to the chosen country. With the help of themed sites you can see the sights and hotels of the city, where you plan to go, and book a room. A two-day holiday cost is not as expensive as it may seem at first glance. In a pinch you can gradually save money for a trip to travel at least once in 3-4 months.