If you are traveling by car, select the best option to reach the Queen of the Yaroslavl highway. If you drive from Moscow, take to the ring road in the direction of the field. After a few kilometers on the main road out to the right on ramp at sign "Queens." If the overpass you drive, do not worry. After another couple of kilometres turn right at the sign "Jubilee." Then keep to the main road which will take you into the city centre to the Queen.
If in Queens you need to get not from Moscow and, for example, from the heading, turn on the Shchelkovo highway in the direction of the field. After about 10 kilometres at the traffic lights turn left towards the city of Shchyolkovo. At the next traffic light turn left at the sign "tango". Keep to the main road that will wind along the woods and the private sector. After that you will run into a t-junction with traffic lights where you should turn left. And after a couple of miles and find yourself in the heart of the city Queen.
If you prefer a fast public transport, go to Yaroslavl station. You need the trains to these destinations: Monino, Shchelkovo, Fryazino or Bolshevo. In the latter case, this is the last station in the Queen (you can go on other stations: Valentinovka, Factory on May 1, Ivanteevka-2, Podlipki-Dachnye). All other routes and transit when buying tickets specify whether to stop the train. In a pinch, you can drive to Mytischi and there take a bus or taxi to the Queen. Goes to Queens and Express "Sputnik", which stops at the end station Bolshevo.
If you decide to go by bus or taxi, look for them stay near M. VDNKH. You need routes No. 576 and No. 392. Travel time this trip will take about an hour.