You will need
  • balloons;
  • - photos of students;
  • attributes for competitions.
Clear tradition of celebrating student "the Equator isa" either. You will have to solve all together, choosing the best option for financial opportunities and excitement. "Equator" is often compared to the New year: "How to celebrate the medium, so the remaining time of study and pass!".
Strain the collective imagination and create an unforgettable program. You can connect teachers and make a night of style skit, skits, humor, and musical numbers. The festive program diversify jokes, gags and contests with prizes.
Store "gold medals", "honors" and other humorous awards. Select a beauty Queen "the Equator isa" hand a certificate of achievement "honored botany" course. For each student you can select a nomination that was not wronged and deprived of attention.
Do not make regular gatherings with feasts and dancing, this is a special day, and we need to make sure that he will be long remembered. On the celebration of "the Equatorand" you'll be telling your children, so organize a fun evening.
Of course, we can do it without treats. This question decide the whole team. What you will do to buy prepared food or go stratagem depends on your finances. Although the salad in the bowl – thing for student!
Purchase balloons – cheap enough to decorate a hall. Print pictures crossing the "Equator" of the students, make them cut out pictures and make a big collage of cool. For this epochal work, you can choose a theme, such as famous cartoon. Or take a picture before the holiday and during the party take photos of everyone and then make a panorama of "following the equator".
If the weather is Sunny on that day, you can pair active contests to arrange the nature. Sack races, tug of war, jumping in a gas mask rope will entertain and delight not only students but also all eyewitnesses of this event.
Each participant will undoubtedly contribute to the creation of your holiday "Equatora", which is remembered for its brilliance, humor and kindness.