Select your type of visa. If the main purpose for you is work and you have already found a company willing to accept you arrange a work visa. The type of this visa - H, L, O or R - depends on the scope of your activities. For students it is best to issue the student visa, which gives you the opportunity to work but only part time. Special visas exist for trainees and for domestic workers coming to the United States along with employers. For spouses of US citizens there is also a special visa which gives the right to work.
If you are a student and can't find a permanent job in the United States, take part in Work and Travel program. It allows you to learn the language in the United States and work during the year. In 2014 a special short-term visas for such programs. However, keep in mind that under the program a year from now will need to return to Russia.
Participate in the lottery green Card - permanent residence in the United States. For this you must have at least secondary education is also desirable experience at least 2 years during the last 5 years. Registration for participation in the lottery is carried out only on the official website of the U.S. government - the participation of intermediaries in the lottery is not allowed. Keep in mind, since it implies the lottery, you receive a card, you can not be guaranteed. In addition, the probability of winning also depends on the country of residence - the more it is fed applications, the less chance to get the card.
After choosing the right visa program apply to the U.S. Embassy. A specific list of securities is dependent on your visa. For example, for a spousal visa you need to prove the reality of the marriage relationship and that the partner-American enough money to support the family. The student will have to submit the documents on record in the University, and sufficient funds in the Bank account. The recipient of a work visa will require a signed contract or a formalized statement from the employer desire to take a specific person to work.