Technically the easiest way to obtain a green card is to marry a US citizen. There are many marriage agencies and Dating sites, where can you find U.S. citizens willing to marry or to marry foreigners. But this method has significant disadvantages. For the first 2 years of marriage a foreigner gets a temporary green card, and if the marriage after 2 years is not broke, it is only then given a permanent.
Another fairly easy way to get a green card is to get an invitation from relatives. The main difficulty is that not everyone has close relatives in the United States, so the method is not for everyone.
Work in the United States – completely legal way to obtain a green card, which is not for a limited time. In order to get a job in America, you need to be a specialist. The company agree to take you as an officer should send a special invitation, by which, the Embassy will issue you a work visa and a residence permit in the country. The coordination of all aspects of employment and visa takes on average about six months.
Education is also a way to obtain a green card. For this you need to choose a University where you intend to study, then you should go to the USA on a tourist visa and to arrive in the selected place. Only then are issued a student visa. After you get a bachelor's degree. If the practice completed, with good results, the student can use OPT – Optional Practical Training. This is the official permission to work in the country during the year. If the graduate is working well, and after a year the place remained behind him, issued him a work visa. Then you need to immediately get on the waiting list for a green card.
A green card is issued to those who fail to obtain refugee status. According to the Geneva Convention, refugees have a number of features, and if you meet them and can prove it, then remain in the United States is quite real. The problem is that you need to confirm all the facts of infringement of your rights in the homeland. Only being in the USA you can apply to stay there as a refugee.
There is another way in which you need to rely on luck. It's a lottery. USA plays annually about 50 thousand green cards for people from different countries. To participate in this raffle, you need to read the rules at: fill out the questionnaire located here: