In order to go to America to work, you must have an invitation from a U.S. employer. In this case, the main difficulty associated with the processing of the documents are borne by the inviting party, i.e. the future of the American boss.
Working visa H-18 entitles a foreigner to reside in the U.S. and legally work in any professional field. Generally this visa is issued immediately for a period of 3 years during which a foreigner may freely repeatedly to enter the USA and leave them. Three years later, the visa can be extended for a period up to 6 years, in the presence of the applicant official job.
For a work visa does not matter whether the prospective employer is a natural or legal person. The invitation may come from both companies and private persons, ready to take you. The employer in turn must be obtained from the Federal Department of labor permission to take on work of a foreign citizen. To do this, he will have to prove the uniqueness of this foreign expert, and the impossibility of replacement of the workplace local candidates.
For visa purposes you will need certificates of completion of educational institution or professional certificates confirming your qualifications. The only exception here is only professional models who are not required diplomas. But they have to prove their popularity and level of professionalism publications, the experience in major modelling agencies, as well as international recognition and prizes received from famous fashion designers.
The process of obtaining a work visa takes place in two successive stages. First, the prospective employer provides to the Federal Department of labor documents, from which it follows that he is ready to take you to work and agree to pay a salary comparable to similar employment in this field. Additionally, the document explains the need for his company invitation of foreign specialist. After approval by the Department of the submitted documents, the prospective employee must apply for a visa at an American Consulate located in the country of his stay.
In some cases, the working visa can be obtained while already in the territory of the USA. It will have to provide the same information and the same documents that can prove your professional qualifications and level of education.