There are two types of work visas in USA - H1B and Н2В. They differ in that having a visa Н2В not entitled to continue to apply for a green Card. The process is similar. The visa is issued on the results of the interview held in the Embassy of the United States.
The main requirements to the candidate for obtaining a work visa in the USA, are:1. knowledge of the English language; 2. the presence of a U.S. employer. If you are going to get a work visa categories: H1B, then you also need to have higher education (at least bachelor) and a small experience in the specialty. Otherwise, you can count only on visa category Н2В.
American employer who wishes to invite foreign workers, will need to undergo a complex process of preparing documents for their future employees. If the U.S. employer has invited you, he should:
1. to submit for approval a completed form ETA 9035 (Labor Condition Application). It contains information about the working conditions for the employer.
2. approved the above form and a completed form I-129 (petition), the employer submits the special state body - the US Citizen and Immigration Services. This on directly issues work permits to foreign workers. While no permit, the foreign worker may not begin working in the US.
3. send the documents listed above, fully approved.
The candidate for the work visa shall submit to the Embassy the documents from the us employer, copy of diploma and employment record (originals need to take to your interview), proof of experience in relevant field, passport photo 5cm X 5cm on a white background, the documents are usually served on a visa in USA - certificate from workplace with indication of income, proof of ownership (car, apartment, dacha), the receipt of additional income, about marriage.
The maximum period for which may be issued a working visa in USAis 6 years. Those who got visa categories: H1B, can apply for a green Card (permanent residence). The spouse of the applicant and his children until they reach 21 years to be issued a visa category H-4, do not give the right to work in the United States.