Contact the court if the divorce is not brought her husband's payment of alimony. According to the family code the father has to pay a quarter of all income for one child, one third for two children and half if there are three babies or more. You can't collect from the ex-spouse more than 50% of its revenues.
Get in the writ court with the decision about collecting of the alimony and take the bailiff's place of residence. You will be asked to make a statement, attach a copy of your passport and the Bank account number that should be charged child support. If the child's father officially working but not paying child support, on the basis of a judgment the amount required is going to be transferred from his place of work directly to your account.
Require the payment of alimony, even if the father is not working. The court shall oblige him to pay a quarter of the average salary in Russian Federation. If he really can't pay the debt each month will accumulate.
Hint ex-husband that he better get a job and to pay monthly child support, or you in a few years will deprive of its tangible part of his pension. The fact that you by law have the right to demand payment of unpaid child support from the aged pension, but did not realize their responsibility of the Pope.
Choose the property. In another way it is called a seizure. There is a list of property that you take away the law can't. Everything else can legally be confiscated through court bailiffs and sold, and the money received should be counted as alimony.
Take owed child support in square meters of housing. This option may work for you, if you are sure that the money from her husband will not see. In this case, make an agreement with your former spouse about what that part of your house, which is due to him, passed to the child. The law is only possible under the condition that he has another living space.
Declare the former spouse wanted, if you do not know where he is. The court must render a decision on recovery of alimony from the father of the child, and then the police begin to look for a willful defaulter. If the ex-spouse, they would be obliged to pay the entire accumulated amount. Also you can try to knock 0.5% of the outstanding amount through the courts as compensation.
Do not fall for gimmicks and statements regarding the lack of money in connection with the crisis, job loss, increased expenses, etc. the Law will always be on the side of the mother and child. You have the right to collect child support from any of his earnings. The task of the court to establish the fact of unofficial income. No additional increased costs of the child's father to be taken into account by the court will not. Payment of alimony in this case is paramount.