You will need
  • - an application to the court;
  • - statement by the bailiffs;
  • - a new additional agreement;
  • - the passport.
If you made a voluntary agreement to pay child support, the defendant's obligation may be terminated in connection with the death of one of the parties, on the grounds provided for in the document itself, upon expiration of the agreement.
In order to resume payments, will sign a new agreement, turning to the notary's office, or extend the term of the current document. If the validity period has not expired, paragraphs on termination of the agreement, all alive and well, but alimony is not credited to your account, see the statement in arbitration court for enforcement.
On the basis of a court order, you will receive a writ of execution. This document you can present at the place of work of the defendant, the Bank open the account or to contact the bailiff if the Respondent does not work, has no bills and does not want to make payments on their own through money transfer to your account.
If non-payment of alimony on the basis of a court decision you have the right to apply to the court bailiffs. Enforcement proceedings provides for compulsory collecting of the alimony in any way, not inconsistent with the law.
The defendant can make an inventory of the property and to realize on account of repayment of debts for alimony. If works, property and accounts no, the defendant will be attracted to forced work, to have the ability to pay alimony.
For the resumption of alimony, nonpayment of which are linked with your written waiver, please see the statement of claim in arbitration court. Failure, written personally by the plaintiff, does not preclude further the enforcement of child support from the defendant. And payments can be resumed at any time. For example, if you're writing refused to receive alimony, tomorrow you can apply to the court to resume the enforcement. The only thing that may change is the amount if the Respondent has changed family or financial situation.