You will need
  • - The conclusion of an agreement on the payment of alimony by a notary
  • Banking details of the account which will be credited to cash
Initially, convince the spouse that the option of voluntary transfer of child support the best. Sometimes, mutual hostility of the parents of the child reaches such an extent that it is difficult to hold civilized negotiations.
Visit the notary for signing of the agreement on the payment of alimony. This practice exists already and has been enshrined in the Family Code, so a sample of this specialist is available.
Determine the amount of alimony to be specified in the agreement. The figure, of course, cannot be lower than the child's parent would have received in court. Standard numerals in the court decision – one quarter of earnings for one child, one third for two and half of earnings for three or more. To determine the amount in the agreement, there are a few rules. This can be revenue share, firm size or even the provision of property.
Specify the frequency of transferring the amount. It's not regulated. The parties can determine independently whether the amount to be paid, for example, once a month or once a quarter.
Select the option of receiving alimony. Cash can be sent directly to the recipient. You can pay by postal order or Bank card. Child support you pay even with food, clothes, medicines. There are cases when the father transmits to the child an apartment, a house or a car. Property valuation in this case shall be made by agreement of the parties
When calculating cash be sure to take a receipt. When sending mail, Bank transfer and keep all documents for at least 3 years. Sometimes they may be required as proof of payment of alimony.