You will need
  • - to apply to the magistrates ' court;
  • - attach all necessary original documents and copies of documents (passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate of the child, a certificate from the housing authorities about the residence of the child);
  • - to pay the legal costs;
  • - regular visit to the bailiff.
Apply for alimony child maintenance in the magistrate's court at the place of residence of the Respondent (husband). This does not necessarily divorce. Child support can be collected without divorce. Collect all the necessary claim documents: application for alimony and a copy of your passport and a copy of the marriage certificate (copy), birth certificate of the child (Ren) and copies of a certificate from the housing authorities about the residence of the child. Do not forget to pay the receipt on state duty (if you submit only a statement of alimony, to pay the state duty is not necessary).
Please note that alimony begin to accrue from the date of application and not after the proceedings, so do not delay with the submission of documents.
Note that there are two kinds of alimony, and in children less than three years, you may file a second petition, on the payment of child support for private content. The amount of alimony will be determined by the judge.
If you have already obtained a judgement for alimony, you must transfer it at the place of residence of the defendant in the court bailiffs. Now the laws have tightened and the bailiffs have the legal basis to exert pressure on the unfair alimony. When uncollected fees for the next month, be sure to contact the marshals service. Do not allow the information orally or on the phone, be sure to write a written application, keep all the receipts of the deposits received for the subsequent allocation and debt collection.
The systematic evasion of child support, police officers may conduct an inventory and seizure of the defendant. If these measures don't help (or there is nothing to describe), then you have a right to make a claim in court and to bring unfair of her husband to criminal liability.