In Moscow there are many memorable and interesting places. For example, fans of "the Master and Margarita" can walk around Patriarch's ponds, now there is a cozy garden, many shops and overall a very pleasant atmosphere. Another romantic place is the Tretyakov bridge, which hangs countless closed padlocks symbolizing eternal love. The embankments in this place is very beautiful, there is often a walk romantically-minded couples.
In the summer one of the best places for dates - the Moscow Botanical garden. There you can see many beautiful plants, feed the birds and enjoy the wildlife. You can look at other gardens and parks in each of them (the Neskuchny garden, Kolomenskoye, Arkhangelskoye) is a very special atmosphere. And they are good in both summer and winter, if you are certainly not too cold.
If you prefer intellectual leisure - go to the Museum. In Moscow, hundreds of them, each provides enough food for thought and for conversation. The Museum can be matched to the interests of the person you want to invite on a date. Roman sculpture, impressionism, classicism, contemporary art, Chinese terracotta army and much more can be found in Moscow museums.
Prefer an active vacation? Not a problem, come to the aid of Billiards, bowling, ping pong and other entertainment activities. In Moscow there are thousands of places to spend the evening, rolling balls or swinging the racquet.
Water enthusiasts can go to the water Park. It's not the cheapest fun, but a hike in one of parks of Moscow is likely to give a few hours of fun and an unforgettable experience. Especially beautiful hike in the Park in the winter, it can be fun to remember the summer and to dream about a joint vacation at the seaside. You can also go to the amusement Park. A joint return to childhood is very common.
Finally, there are dozens of very special options of Dating for fans of extreme sports. Quad bikes, balloon flight, skydiving, horseback riding. Such option date will surely remember.