Elective course (course selection) is mandatory for high school students. It plays an important role in the structure of professional education senior step of school. Such a courses mainly associated with the satisfaction of individual interests, aptitudes and needs of each student.Elective courses are the most important way to build individual education programs since most are close to the choice of every student of the elements of the content of education according to their own abilities, interests, and life plans.Among the elective courses there are the following types: substantive, integrative (interdisciplinary), courses, which are not included in the basic curriculum. The main objective of the subject courses performs task: extension and deepening of knowledge on the subject, which is part of the basic curriculum of the school.The main goal of the interdisciplinary elective courses - integration of students ' knowledge about society and nature.Elective courses for items that are not included in the basic curriculum on the social, psychological, artistic, cultural issues and give an idea to students about the broader spectrum of all possible directions of the use of its own forces in the future.Basic requirements elective courseam:1. Their diversity (directions should be a lot);2. The short duration (6 to 16 hours);3. The original name and content;4. Nestandartizirovannogo course.5. The end of the courseand must be noted on any work (design, creative writing, etc.); 6. Project elective courseand may develop directly to the teacher.Successful elective the course meets the following criteria: 1. Program content the coursebut rather important in today's world;2. The motivational potential of the courseand is at a high level;3. The content of the courseand is meeting its objectives and has a logical construction.