Advice 1: What is elective course

The variety of forms of education in modern school is focused on successful fulfillment of educational objectives. One of these forms serves an elective coursewhose main objective is the professional orientation of senior pupils.
What is elective course
Elective course (course selection) is mandatory for high school students. It plays an important role in the structure of professional education senior step of school. Such a courses mainly associated with the satisfaction of individual interests, aptitudes and needs of each student.Elective courses are the most important way to build individual education programs since most are close to the choice of every student of the elements of the content of education according to their own abilities, interests, and life plans.Among the elective courses there are the following types: substantive, integrative (interdisciplinary), courses, which are not included in the basic curriculum. The main objective of the subject courses performs task: extension and deepening of knowledge on the subject, which is part of the basic curriculum of the school.The main goal of the interdisciplinary elective courses - integration of students ' knowledge about society and nature.Elective courses for items that are not included in the basic curriculum on the social, psychological, artistic, cultural issues and give an idea to students about the broader spectrum of all possible directions of the use of its own forces in the future.Basic requirements elective courseam:1. Their diversity (directions should be a lot);2. The short duration (6 to 16 hours);3. The original name and content;4. Nestandartizirovannogo course.5. The end of the courseand must be noted on any work (design, creative writing, etc.); 6. Project elective courseand may develop directly to the teacher.Successful elective the course meets the following criteria: 1. Program content the coursebut rather important in today's world;2. The motivational potential of the courseand is at a high level;3. The content of the courseand is meeting its objectives and has a logical construction.

Advice 2: How to write the elective course

In the preparation of the basic curriculum outside the educational process is a lot of interesting and useful information. This is due primarily to the lack of time. To solve this problem called a variety of elective courses.
How to write the elective course
You will need
  • program the basic course;
  • books.
Elective courses are a compulsory element of the curriculum, supplementing and greatly extending the informative base of the main course. Elective courses can be visited on the personal initiative of students as may be required. This educational element is found both in secondary and in higher education. Before you start writing elective course, determine its overall purpose and the desired result.
You can Orient the program of the elective course to Supplement the main course. Then you will need to re-read the basic course, reveal the most poorly designed questions and turn in your elective course. The writing of any educational document requires strict adherence to the order of presentation of information, so writing elective course will require you to have knowledge of the rules of registration of documents.
After the title-page and contents write an explanatory note, which will justify the need of this range of topics. Next, give details of course objectives, and tasks that will gradually solve to achieve these goals. Be sure to specify the working methods by which you are going to implement this program. Based on the fact that the elective course is allocated much less time you have to use methods to rapidly perceive and remember information. These methods include active and interactive methods with the use of a large number of visual AIDS and technical means of education.
Outlining selected methods and specifying the need for their use, list the equipment that will be used during the training process. You may need the interactive whiteboard, mediaprojects, posters, tables, graphs. In the program of the elective course you have to reflect all of the material base of the educational process.
You can now proceed to a detailed lesson planning for each lesson of the course. All classes should also contain your intermediate goals, objectives and methods necessary for their implementation. This will help you make the most efficient use of all allocated to the elective time and provide students with the necessary information.
Useful advice
Make a plan of course to have "in stock" class. In the event of unforeseen circumstances (one session was lost) you will have the opportunity to compensate him for the cost of standby time.

Advice 3: How to make money on exchange rates

In a modern market economy currency is an indicator of the stability of the country. How reliable the currency, the more they will save in that currency, and buy it with the aim of earning on the rate changes.
Exchange rates are never stand still.
You will need
  • Basic knowledge of Economics
To keep currency at home.

The simplest case of earnings implies the expectation of a sharp jump of the course. So to earn on exchange rates possible, but to keep the money in this way may result in your trouble. For example, any currency tends to depreciate due to inflation, and if a sharp rise will not be, the currency will simply lose the price. Also note that the exchange rate is always higher.
To put currency in a Bank Deposit.

This way to earn on exchange rates can be due to the accrued interest on the Deposit. One of the advantages is reliability. At the moment there is the opportunity to invest in the so-called multi-input, implying diversification and separation of funds for different currencies. Therefore, if one currency falls dramatically, then the probability of the appreciation of other currencies increases.

Earn on Forex (Forex).
On Forex high risk, and decent profit. This kind of earnings is suitable for professionals who study and work on the exchange for any one year.
How to make money on exchange rates
To buy Eurobonds.

The analogue of this securities Bank Deposit are also charged interest, but the guarantee in this case is not a Bank, and the state. The only big minus to enter the market, you must have a minimum of 100 thousand euros.
Investing in futures and options.

Buying a futures or option contract, the purchaser agrees to purchase any goods (in this case currency). This kind of earnings requires constant monitoring of the economic news. In such a way to make money on exchange rates and choose the right strategy and constantly it to watch. By investing in this project can earn good money.
How to make money on exchange rates
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