You will need
  • program the basic course;
  • books.
Elective courses are a compulsory element of the curriculum, supplementing and greatly extending the informative base of the main course. Elective courses can be visited on the personal initiative of students as may be required. This educational element is found both in secondary and in higher education. Before you start writing elective course, determine its overall purpose and the desired result.
You can Orient the program of the elective course to Supplement the main course. Then you will need to re-read the basic course, reveal the most poorly designed questions and turn in your elective course. The writing of any educational document requires strict adherence to the order of presentation of information, so writing elective course will require you to have knowledge of the rules of registration of documents.
After the title-page and contents write an explanatory note, which will justify the need of this range of topics. Next, give details of course objectives, and tasks that will gradually solve to achieve these goals. Be sure to specify the working methods by which you are going to implement this program. Based on the fact that the elective course is allocated much less time you have to use methods to rapidly perceive and remember information. These methods include active and interactive methods with the use of a large number of visual AIDS and technical means of education.
Outlining selected methods and specifying the need for their use, list the equipment that will be used during the training process. You may need the interactive whiteboard, mediaprojects, posters, tables, graphs. In the program of the elective course you have to reflect all of the material base of the educational process.
You can now proceed to a detailed lesson planning for each lesson of the course. All classes should also contain your intermediate goals, objectives and methods necessary for their implementation. This will help you make the most efficient use of all allocated to the elective time and provide students with the necessary information.