You will need
  • methodical development on the topic.
Any program begins with the title page. Enter the full name of your institution additional education. Write the name of your program, where and by whom it was approved, and the age of the children and the period for which program. The title page should be the surname, name and patronymic of the author or authors, year of development and the city in which your institution is located. The cover sheet is made according to GOST R 6.30-97
Write an explanatory note. It is necessary to specify the orientation of your mug or Studio (aesthetics, tourism and local history, sports, etc.). Tell us how your program is educationally appropriate and what are its novelty and relevance. Describe in detail the age of children and timing of implementation. Briefly tell us, what form is going to carry out lessons. Write what results you expect and how to check it.
Make the educational-thematic plan. This is a table that lists the sections and topics of the course and number of hours to study them. The program, which is designed for several years, to be split by years of study. Specify the number of hours allotted to each topic, will be used for theoretical and practical classes. In the system of additional education, unlike in schools, the practical classes should be more. The teacher distributes the course hours.
Describe the content of the educational process. Expand the content of the topics and sections that you already specified in the educational plan. Specify the theoretical issues to be addressed, and practical activities. The number of hours in this section should not be written.
In the section "Methodological support" tell us about teaching methods. This section includes a description of the forms of lessons for each topic, including such as conferences, seminars, and excursions. Describe methods of organization of educational process, as well as the form of the final lessons for each topic or section.
Make a list of references. It may consist of two parts. One list used by the teacher in his work, the other recommended students. Maybe a separate list for parents. Bibliographic index in this case is made exactly the same as when writing any other research papers. Easier to make alphabetical list stating the name and initials of author, title of work, year and place of publication.