Asking the question, what is the Colloquium, you must first understand how to translate this word with the native language. In Latin the word "belongs among others institutions" means only a discussion or conversation. Now the definition of the Colloquium can be seen in many dictionaries, the Great Soviet encyclopedia, where this word has not one, but two completely differing values.

So, first, the Colloquium is often called one of the traditional forms of training sessions, both in Western and in domestic education system, the purpose of which is to identify the knowledge of students and enhancing their experience through a casual conversation with a Professor or another teacher. As a rule, student colloquia are usually discussed in separate part of any specific topics, section one of the lessons to understand the correct pupils ' understanding and to avoid misunderstandings the most important issues.

This form of training often covers all sorts of questions and topics of study course are not included in the themes of practical and seminar training sessions. Often colloquia in modern system of education in universities becoming the kind of lessons that discuss various works of students, their learning projects and written essays. Usually in domestic universities for each of the faculties colloquia are conducted in specially allotted time, without interfering with the usual practical and seminar lessons.

Second, the Colloquium is a full-fledged scientific meetings where first heard a pre-prepared reports, and then experiencing the difficult process of discussion. It is not excluded, and the controversy, based on scientific knowledge of the discussion participants, as interviews were conducted to clarify some details of the report to others and controversial moments. At the scientific colloquia of the conversation involved is not the curator and his students, and prominent philosophers and theorists, whose opinion will allow the Rapporteur to revise their own scientific beliefs based on new ideas and academic debate.

Third, under a Colloquium refers to the body of elders and pastors sent to each community Presbyterian Church, which usually manages the Association of religious communities in this direction. In such colloquies the elders and pastors has been discussed for religious matters, the canons are not devoid of dogmatism.