Ask forgiveness from your spouse if you feel guilty in your quarrel. But this should be done on time and with sincerity. The time directly after the scandal is not very suitable in order to repent and ask for forgiveness. If your husband is still very angry, better don't touch it. But to proceed with the reconciliation for a few days too. During this time, the conflict situation could significantly worsen. As soon as you feel that your husband has cooled down a bit, go to him and calm persuasion. Look directly into the eyes of the faithful, tell them you are sorry that you argued. Explain the reasons for their actions and show that in the future you are willing to adjust their own behavior. Against this apology, your man is unlikely to stand.
Find a compromise, if each of you want to defend their own interests. While you need to understand itself and to convince beloved that in the first place for you should be the interests of the family. You are one team and must be willing to make some personal sacrifices for the sake of family well-being. Let selfish purpose, will give place to a joint task. If the spouse is not ready to go to the world, talk to him about how he sees the future of your marriage. You may not have any global plans for a life together that will determine the overall strategy of your family. As soon as you and your husband will understand what you want to achieve together after a few years, you will begin to work together, and the number of conflicts due to clashes of interests will decrease.
Not necessary to swear because of the fact that you are not satisfied with something in the character or behavior of the husband. If the argument has already happened, think about what annoys you in your spouse. Remember that the man you fell in love and decided to tie him his life. Now it is important to learn to accept it with all faults, and not to scandals due to some habits of the spouse. Make husband the way he is, it would be easier sometimes if you put yourself in his place. Try to pick up its interests and to understand the point of view of principle. Surely after such a psychological exercise, your family relationships will become more serene.