Man is so constituted that it tends to consider himself right, always and everywhere. Even feeling and understanding that was to blame, did not the best way, the initiator of the quarrel still instinctively will look for an excuse. So try to put yourself in the opposite direction, think not on the behavior of the partner and on their own.
Self-justification is natural and understandable. However, remember the old adage: "the First step to reconciliation makes the one who is smarter!" Don't be afraid that the opposite party will take it as a surrender. Trying to finish a fight, you show not weakness, but wisdom.
If you don't want to apologize – it is possible to find some other compromise form. A husband who tenderly embrace his wife and whisper in her ear: "Well, please don't cry! I'm so sorry we fought!" will almost certainly reach its. Like and myself first went to reconciliation, and even admitted his guilt (once he is "sorry"). Woman can in good conscience be generous: so be it, let's make it up. Well, if it is "for order" a little capricious, weep at the injustice, well, the man should be patient.
But what if a quarrel happened between friends? When the first intensity of emotions subside, it is best to pronounce a phrase such as: "let's forget what we told each other. We've been friends for so many years!" Typically, it works quickly and efficiently. You can start the conversation like this: "I'm just shocked with our quarrel! Let's understand easily why it happened to prevent anything like that."
The main rule: try not to delay the beginning of the conversation! The more time passes, the harder it will be to force yourself to say the right words. But in a bad mood and anger should not be approached.