From the conflict in his family life no one is immune. Nothing wrong with that - after all with the husband you bind your life, and this relationship is no less important than a related, but much more dense and permanent. Conflict in marriage is one of the most painful, because to forgive a partner can be very difficult, especially if the heat of the moment was said and done a lot of things.

Of course, start to solve family problems you must prevent. First and foremost, each of the parties of marriage should internally be aware of the fact that they live next to the person that has their desires, sense of dignity, and it is easy to injure. Unfortunately, the institution of marriage is not very reliable, and many couples find it easier to flee than to try to adapt to each other and learning to listen to the desires of the other person. If you love - love the other as yourself, take care of it and defend your choice in front of everyone.

The homemaker needs to know that they should be more soft and pliable. The researchers proved that families in which women in the quarrel can go on a constructive dialogue, throwing accusations and allegations, I feel much more happy. The majority of domestic violence in the fights is when a man feels inability otherwise to cope with a partner who loses control. Of course, it's all about emotions, and the woman it is helpful to learn how to control them. Over time, the man, the conflicts which derive in the appropriate direction, will be less aggressive and will think about their words before using them.

Conflicts are of two types - constructive and destructive. And your task is inevitable quarrel to translate to creation, that is, to listen, to speak, but to speak the truth, without exaggerating and without underestimating, not to use insult or try to humiliate the partner.

Be fair and be willing to admit they were wrong, if you are not right. Both partners should come to a dialogue and not to take a side in the conflict. On the one hand, this will preserve a healthy relationship, on the other - will save both nerves.

During an argument, try not to be distracted by extraneous issues, and figuring out all the problems at once. Should be ascertained and discussed the very cause of the conflict and nothing more, because thus you will never come to a constructive solution of the problem, and only more make sure and reassure your partner that your marriage was a mistake.

Note the topics on which you have disagreements. Perhaps the problem is in different approaches to life and misunderstanding of the causes of certain behaviours. All this needs to be discussed to habits and way of thinking your partner does not become a stumbling block. Learn to accept the spouse for what he is, because if he will change only gradually, due to the fact that you will change your attitude towards it.

Not going to conflict if it started, and try to reduce the level of stress and to fully analyze the situation. In any case, do not throw halfway, otherwise the problem will remain unresolved and will occur again. Use humor if you can.

Learn to be more tolerant to others weaknesses, and then you will forgive your. Love!