First and foremost, pay attention to the causes of your family scandals. Sometimes they arise because of a trifle: abandoned socks or unwashed plates. Is it worth it to spoil yourself and loved ones mood? Maybe easier to take these socks and wash that plate?
Do not remove your bad mood on her husband. Sometimes you "patted" nervous on the job or in the shop, and you come home and you gotta take it out on the family. This can not be done. Remember, family is your closest people. They are hurt, when they hurt for no reason.
Before in something to accuse her husband, "in the mind" to count to one hundred. This will give you a minute in order to think about whether or not to drop these charges.
Tell your spouse about what you want from it. Try to logically argue your requirements. Crevices not to cry. Remember, shouting and negative emotions are the enemies of your good relations.
Give voice and "second half". Most likely, her husband also have a claim to you. Again, do not start to defend herself with a scream. Just take note and take on Board what he asked.
During an argument don't start to remember past grievances. Otherwise your confusion will begin to grow like a snowball.
Do not draw for children scandals. Kids should not choose the side of one of the parents. For them mom and dad – equally beloved people. Any of your argument – it is a blow to the psyche of the child.
Think of the little secrets that will help your family to prevent scandals. For example, get a piggy Bank. Even in her throws of a coin the one who started to sort things out. Or think of the word password. Upon hearing this word, you've got to stop fighting.
Take for a rule: if we had a fight before going to sleep should definitely make peace. Do not leave the offense to the next day. And anyway, night is the best time for reconciliation.
And remember, reconciliation is all well and good. But it is better to prevent a quarrel than to waste time on a showdown with the man you love and appreciate.