What's the problem?
After marriage changes the woman herself. Its nitpicking, sometimes groundless, control, ignoring the interests of the spouse, his cool attitude towards his wife. And this is popular with many women manipulation husband with denial sex ultimately can lead to cheating. But if the spouse who supports, trusts and trust, encourages her man, and incentives to perform feats he has multiple added.

If a woman assumes the duties of the husband in the home, the man simply loses confidence in himself and as a result, it lost the desire to do anything at all.

When a woman tries to show his independence, ignores man's opinion, disrespectful or rude, it is only natural that it simply ceases to see her as the adorable, sweet girl. Ceased to make compliments, present gifts to please the beloved.

What to do?
When a woman sees their man of dignity, she must speak to him about it, to show how she loves him and then the confidence from a loved one will increase. It is worth noting even small positive nuances.

There are many examples when a man in the first marriage – a loser and a drunkard, the second – the same man transformed into an exemplary family man, striving to provide all the benefits of their loved ones. A woman is able to instill in man the confidence in their abilities or completely take away such. The woman should first educate themselves and then, sarcastically to notice flaws spouse and dream of a better life. Because it depends on the woman, will prevail in the family peace and harmony, or the marital life will turn into a constant war.

It just so happened that the woman is incongruous to play a dominant role in the family. For strong and meaningful relationships she must give over the reins to the man who so passionately and ardently wanted to marry. A man always needs to feel important otherwise he may lose interest in the Affairs and problems of the family