We must remember that the claim must be justified. Before writing claims need to order an independent examination. The examination must include a representative of the insurance company, although he may refuse your invitation. But to inform about the place and time of carrying out an independent examination you must. You must send the insurance company a telephone message and make a copy for the insurance company. After the car inspection expert is the conclusion, which includes the calculation of the cost of repair and materials. On the basis of this conclusion, you need to make a pre-trial claim. In the claim you need to specify at what time and what place the accident occurred, who are the participants of the accident and whose fault occurred dorozhno-transport incident. Next you need to Express their demands, specifying the amount of damage caused to your car. Based on this claim the insurance company is obliged to make insurance payment within three days of the filing of your claim. In case of failure or partial, incomplete, improper meet your requirements or lack of response, you can appeal to the court. When it comes to the amount of the claim increase the cost of counsel and court costs.