The application procedure for the insurance company

A traffic accident is not uncommon, but if you have insurance, the problem of obtaining funds for repair can be easily solved. You must promptly submit the required documents to the insurance company. Experts will consider information about the incident and, if it is recognized as the insured event, the company will carry out the corresponding payment according to earlier concluded contract.

After the occurrence of the accident and the receipt of a form about the incident at the party of the accident who has suffered damage, has 15 days to submit documents to the insurance company. They can be sent by delivery service, by mail or brought personally.

After submission, the insurance company usually carries out an examination of the car with participation of its specialists. But it is worth remembering that the owner of the vehicle can choose the facility for this event or require additional checking in personally selected organizations, if in doubt of the competence and impartiality of experts of the insurance company.

About the examination is also notified and the originator dorozhno-transport incident in the case, if the amount of damage exceeds 120 thousand rubles. The notification of the insurance company and the guilty party, is implemented by telegram or in person.

The list of required documents

To receive the insurance payment you will need:

1. Help about what happened dorozhno-transport incident with a list of all the damages to the vehicle obtained in the event of an emergency. This is not needed if registration of accidents was made using a simplified method.

2. Notice of incident a traffic accident.

3. The Protocol, which establishes an administrative violation. This document is supplied on demand.

4. Decision on case about an administrative offence. Also available on demand.

5. Documents that confirm the right of ownership of a motor vehicle.

6. Driver's license or a power of attorney to drive the car.

7. Insurance policy.

8. Details of a banking institution, the account which will be credited to the funds of insurance payments.

It is possible, depending on the situation, you could need additional documents, such as the conclusion of an independent examination of the size of the resulting damage, the confirmation of the payment service, confirmation of additional costs, for example using the services of a tow truck or payment for the Parking.