First and foremost, in the claim specify name, position of the person who are addressing the claim. As such person acts as the head of the insurance company. Then write information about yourself (sender), please include the surname, name, patronymic name, your address and phone number.
The following, which is reflected in the claim is a detailed description of the insured event, try to refer to the rules of insurance to be sure you have done everything in accordance with the rules, and the insurance company are unable to answer do to present and concluded that your actions were aimed at getting insurance. Next, specify the list of documents submitted to the insurer in accordance with the insurance contract and describe the essence of the claim.
The next step will be to set out your requirements, stressing that if the insurance company does not comply, you will go to court, and it will require, in addition to all this, and the payment of liquidated damages for delay and compensation for moral damage. Be sure to write the list of documents attached to the claim, do not forget to specify the date of the claim and put your signature.
In most claims you must refer to articles of laws that violate the insurance company. The document itself is sent to the insurance company in written form, i.e. written either by hand or by using technical means. Send the claim by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Or personally bring a claim in the office of the head of the insurance company with a note of the insurance company on your copy of the claim, i.e., incoming number, date and signature of the person accepting the claim.