You will need
  • natural brushed wool(sheep, camel) - 1-1,2 kg for a single blanket;
  • - delicate matter on the inner case;
  • - beautiful lightweight fabric on the upper cover;
  • - a sewing machine.
Wash wool. Prepare a soapy solution: some washing powder dissolved in quite hot water (50-60°C). Dip the wool in soapy water and leave it to soak for a few hours. Do not RUB or twist the fiber, otherwise they will be mats and comb them impossible. After washing the hair you need to rinse. To do this, lay the layers of fibers in a sieve and rinse with hot water until, until flowing water is clear.
Dry and comb hair. After the water has drained, carefully lay the wool to dry. Winter can be dried on the battery, and in the summer outdoors. Once the wool has dried, it should be brushed. Gently straighten your fingers and pull fiber, giving them grandeur. All rubbish, thorns, twigs) removed.
Prepare the basis for the quilt. As the inner case is well suited thin soft fabric (Batiste or thinning of the sheet). Take two rectangular piece of fabric according to the size of the future blankets. It will be the top and bottom of the quilt. Take one detail and chalk or pencil to mark parallel lines using a 10-15 cm line to prostukivanie.
Spread one cut a rectangle of fabric on a flat surface (table or floor). Lay the wool on the matter so that no empty gaps, and the fibers slightly beyond the edge of the fabric. Put up the second fabric rectangle and sew a blanket on the perimeter, stepping back from the edge approximately 5-7 cm
Quilted blanket (preferably manually). Carefully trying not to dislodge the fibers of wool, quilted blanket . This needs to be done to ensure that the coat does not shift inside the duvet and fell down to one side. Run the edge seams, tucking any protruding fibers of wool. The edge of the blanket you get a lush (plump).
Prepare the top cover for blanket. Select the appropriate colors and quality fabric. Well if it is not too heavy. Take a break and sew case. It fill the prepared blanket and astrocyte. On the machine can protegat finished quilt. However, if you do not, then you will always have the ability to remove cover for washing or replacement.