You will need
  • Glass aquarium or aquarium of non-toxic plastic, piece of glass or plastic for the manufacture of beach, large stones and shells, incandescent, UV lamp, heater.
Your turtlese need a place where she can bask in the sun (in your variant – under the lamp). For the manufacture of such Bank, take a piece of glass or non-toxic plastic and position it under the lamp. Shore needs to be tilted to turtlee was easier to climb. Distance from the shore to the rim of the aquarium should be at least 30 cm, otherwise your pet can escape. Decorate a shore with pebbles, or driftwood.
украшения аквариума
The soil for aquatic turtles is not required, but often it is like by aquarists, as it performs a decorative function. In any case do not take the fine soil, sand, pebbles – they all make turtle bowel obstruction. Also not suitable for plastic or glass pebbles – your Pets they will bite. Put the bottom large stones, more heads of turtlesand, and shells. In addition to its aesthetic function, the shell will saturate the water with calcium.
как родезенфицировать оквариум
Attach to the aquarium for your turtle incandescent lamp and the UV lamp. The temperature under the bulb should be 29-31 degrees. To include such light should be on 10-12 hours every day.
можно держать сухопутных черепах в аквариуме
The final touch is the water heater. Do not spare money on good brand, as there were cases when cheap heaters have Kolotilo, and turtlesand died. To turtlesnot interested in this device, it can be placed under the decorative island, a castle, or simply to fence off the stones.
Как сделать аквариум