If you or your child have red and swollen Pinna, thickened skin of the auditory canal, you might see if any discharge from the patient's ear - do not rush yourself to make the diagnosis of "external otitis". And, moreover, in no case do not start to treat yourself to drip into the ear any drops, put a compress to take strong painkillers. By their actions, is not justified by a knowledge of the causes of inflammation, you can aggravate the disease, and the results of your "treatment" will have not beneficial effects. You need to contact Laura, who after the ear examination will establish the diagnosis, and in unclear cases, it may take a scraping to study the microflora, guide to do a blood test for sugar or for a consultation with a dermatologist. So the sooner you visit the doctor, and, accordingly, will begin their assigned treatment, the greater your chances that the disease will take a chronic form.
If at the child the ear was swollen because he put him some item, and this item is deep in ear, do not attempt to remove it yourself. First, you don't have the necessary tools. Secondly, picking your ear, you will not only scratch the ear canal and in addition will bring the infection, but you can shove this very thing that you are trying to extract even deeper.
In the outer passage ripe boil you need to remove the pus. If the boil itself is not opened, you may need to make a cut. Just don't try to do it on their own – the probability distribution of pus under the skin to the temple.
Depending on the causes of external otitis, you will be assigned to drug therapy. In the case of a bacterial nature of the inflammatory process, you will need to drip into the ear drops prescribed by a doctor containing antibiotics (e.g., ofloxacin, norfloxacin or neomycin). If the cause of otitis mediaand are fungi of the genus Candida, you will be assigned antifungal therapy, both systemic and local. Can be assigned to procedure – UFO, Solux, hot compresses.
Often for external otitise is recommended to enter into the ear turundy soaked in any alcoholic solution, for example, boric acid. However, by doing so you can intensify the pain, because the alcohol will irritate inflamed skin. Better place turundy impregnated with antibacterial ointment. If you do not know the exact nature of the infection, it is better use this ointment, which is safe, contains both antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory components, for example, triderm. The cream, as it is rapidly absorbed, apply in acute forms of otitis media, and ointment – at chronic.
Before to dig in the ear or to lay in him the ointment, clean the ear canal from the accumulation of purulent and fungal masses, sulphur and shelled epidermis. Do it twisted up in a cotton turundas, soaked it with antiseptic (solution furatsilina, for example, or hydrogen peroxide). Do not try to penetrate deep into the auditory canal, it is enough to clean it at 1-1,5 cm This procedure is carried out twice a day, then be sure to apply medical ointment.