You will need
  • — information about the company and the Manager;
  • — room INN;
  • — documents confirming the violation of your rights;
  • computer;
  • connection to the Internet.
  • printer;
  • envelope.
Determine if there is enough justified reason for filing a complaint to the Federal Antimonopoly service of the Russian Federation. So the reason may be, for example, improper decision summarizing the results of state, regional or municipal competition. Enough good reason - the obstacles created by your firm, government or natural monopoly. FAS has a fairly extensive powers, including on the organisation of tax audits.
If you are going to send the complaint by regular mail, determine exactly what the tax on it must be utilized. Address your appeal to higher tax authority. That is, if you write a complaint on an act or omission of the municipal Committee on public procurement - direct the appeal to the regional Inspectorate, etc.
Write the header. A document called the "Complaint against action (inaction) of officials". Just below write the outgoing number and date, then the addressee, that is, the FAS Russia.
Write information about yourself or your organization. Enter the full name of the legal person, data of his head or the surname, name and patronymic of the individual entrepreneur. Write the full legal address, phone, email address. Specify the INN.
State the nature of the complaint. The reason for its writing can be as unlawful actions of officials or state Agency, and their inaction. In the latter case, it may be, for example, a deliberate delay in the tender, failure to provide tender documentation, etc. Specify the individuals or organizations whose actions you are unhappy. Any complaint must be reasoned. You need to refer to the relevant paragraphs of the rules.
The complaint will look more powerful if you support it with copies of documents. It may be the conditions of competition, the decision of the competition Commission, conclusions of the Supervisory authorities. It can be including certified copies. Make a list of them and place it under the text, designated as the "Attached documents". Reassure the complaint signed by the individual businessman or the head of the company and seal. Send the complaint can be registered letter by mail, courier or in person. FAS is required to register your complaint within three days of receipt.
If your appeal does not apply to government procurement, the FAS can be contacted by e-mail or through the website. There is a special form. Correctly fill in the fields. They include surname, name, patronymic, address, index. Write a message header. Just below is the form itself, designed for text. If you decide to use e-mail address listed on the website of the FAS, pre-scan, attached. To consider your complaint must, within 30 days. The period may be extended if you require additional verification. You will then receive a message on the complaint or a substantiated refusal.