When choosing the colorand the hair stylists advise to pay attention to the skin tone, density of hair and color of eyes. For this purpose even created a special table where women are divided into 4 types: spring, summer, winter and autumn.
Girls spring types is characterized by bright, almost transparent, skin, light eyes (light green, light cyan, yellow, light - dark brown), peachy blush. Often freckles. Natural color hair - Golden - blonde to light brown. If you want to change, choose paint for the hair warm colors, they are suitable for that type. This all means with a reddish tint, from copper to dark brown.
How to find suitable <strong>color</strong> <b>hair</b> or not
Summer girl is light skin and eyes. But, in contrast to the spring type, color of eyes bowl light blue, blue - green, gray - blue. Brown eyes also occur. Natural color hair - from ash blonde to medium - brown. Such women are cold all the color ofa paint for hair. Purple shade, light brown, mahogany - this palette is worth a try.
How to find suitable <strong>color</strong> <b>hair</b> or not
Girls autumn as well as spring, are warm colors. By nature they are often copper - coloured, with a transparent white, or, conversely, with a yellowish shade of skin. Eye color, from light blue to brown. Paint for hair it is better to choose close to your natural color. Try shades from light copper, honey, to dark brown. These colors will add freshness to your skin and accentuate natural beauty.
How to find suitable <strong>color</strong> <b>hair</b> or not
The girl-type "winter" for the most part, burning brunettes. Skin color from very light, almost white, to beige. Eyes cool colors - blue, grey, turquoise. So how to make from brunette blonde without damaging the hairs very difficult, try the paint on 1 - 2 shades lighter than the natural shade of hair. Any cool shades from light brown to the coloras "dark chocolate" will be for you to face.
How to find suitable <strong>color</strong> <b>hair</b> or not
The choice of colorand hair, of course, important. But it is also very important paint and the hairdresser whom you trust your head. Trust only well-known cosmetic brands and try to find a professional stylist who will not spoil the appearance.