For the expression of a smile enter in a row, no spaces, a colon, a hyphen and a closing parenthesis. You should have :-) . For the expression of laughter, add another closing parenthesis. :-)). To show that you laugh out loud, literally nahodites in laughter, type a colon, hyphen and uppercase D. it Should have :-D.
In a minor state of mind, use the following signs:
:- |thoughtful (colon, hyphen, and vertical bar - will get it by pressing the key left of backspace in English language mode);
:-( - sad (colon, hyphen, opening parenthesis).

Crying show using one of three symbols :_( (colon, underscore, open parenthesis), :'( (colon, single apostrophe - this is the key of the letter "e" in the English language) or :*( (colon, multiplication sign while pressing Num Lock and the opening brace).
A negative attitude will Express with the following characters: colon, hyphen, slash :-/ indicates dissatisfaction. Triangular type a closing parenthesis (Russian key Yu in Latin layout), colon, hyphen, opening square bracket key (with Russian, but in Latin layout) to Express that you are angry >:-[ . Evil grin :-E Express using the colon, dash and a capital letter E-Latin layout.
Other common emotions will draw in the following way. For a surprise, type a colon, hyphen and open mouth - zero :-0. If you are confused, then show that you have eyes bugging from their sockets - a percent sign, dash, zero %-0. A wink to the label with a semicolon, hyphen, closing parenthesis ;-). Draw the smile with a colon, hyphen and backslash :-\. Show language companion by typing a colon, a hyphen and a capital letter R Latin layout :-P Kiss the interlocutor using the colon, dash and a multiplication sign. :-*.