Many forums already have a specific set of emoticons which are often quite extensive in order to reflect the full range of desired emotions in the message. Ready to insert the smiley you just click on the button with a picture of a smiley face in the edit window of the message, and select the desired.
You can also enter emoticons using keyboard characters – many services support the transformation of characters in a graphic image.
If you want to diversify the number of smilies to infinity – you have the ability to paste into any message on any site that supports HTML, smileys from a network of collections and archives. To insert them you just need to copy and paste their code into the message in edit mode of the text.
You can also use a special program to insert smileys on websites – you can insert messages in the most unconventional, original and interesting emoticons of all sizes, both static and animated. A wide variety of emoticons for all occasions will provide you with the program Sweetim that can be embedded in the browser. Another program is called PostSmile – it has the same features and user-friendly interface.
Install emoticons not only on forums and sites, but also in emails. You can insert emoticons into Outlook Express, copy the smilies in a separate folder on the computer. In the process of writing the letters to the desired place, press the icon "Insert picture" and browse to the desired smiley on your computer to attach it to the letter. Click OK, and then send the letter to the addressee.