You will need
  • -handle;
  • -fingers;
  • -skill
First you need to know the specific system names of the fingers, which is quite popular among the spinners.

• The thumb is referred to as the English letter "T"

• The index finger is "1"

• The middle finger is "2"

• Ring finger – "3"

• The pinky is "4"
You also need to know the designation of the spaces between the fingers, which are called "slots".

• The gap between the thumb and index finger is referred to as "T1"

• Between the index and middle finger – "12"

• Middle and ring – "23"

• Slot between the ring finger and little finger is called the "34"
The important role played by the pen, with which you will start to train. The handle must not be ribbed or else you will be uncomfortable to spin. On the case there should not be any protruding elements that will hinder you in the process of torsion. The center of gravity of the handle should be centered. The standard and most comfortable handle length – 19 to 23 cm.
If your pen is too easy, you can weight it. To do this, stick the plasticine, eraser or paper clip in the handle body.
After that you can begin to explore the most lightweight tricks – Charge, Thumb, Sonic, TA. For more convenience, go to sites that are dedicated to penspinning. You can find detailed information on tricks and instructional videos. Most popular websites: