At the moment when a person looks at the object of his love, in his brain aktiviziruyutsya from twelve areas. In blood ejected a unique connection of neurotransmitters and hormones. Among them oxytocin, adrenaline, dopamine and others. Scientists compare the inner feelings of a person in love with euphoria that he may experience when taking certain types of drugs. Depending on what kind of love one experiences in relation to the other, passionate or Platonic, aktiviziruyutsya different regions of the brain.
Activation of the brain of a person in love entails the enhanced blood flow to the heart and stimulates its activity. Because we can not say that a person falls in love only with the brain or heart. He and the other authority involved in the processes of love. In the blood of the lover is undergoing obvious changes. It increases protein compounds, responsible for the maintenance of life of neurons, so necessary for the formation of nerve cells in the body.
Researchers estimated that really hard a person falls in love only 2-3 times in my life. And at least once in all of his loves man experiencing unrequited love, for example, unrequited or tragic. Characterized by the fact, that love is on average the same number of times in my life, both men and women.
The age at which people are especially much fall in love for the first time is 18-19 years old. But it is late love bright after 40-45 years. And to forget his love if she is unhappy, more adults in love could not as soon as young people.
From the point of view of the poets and the psychologists lovelorn man changes simultaneously before the object of his passion their own opinions, habits, early judgments. He is only interested in the person he is in love. Emerged feeling able to completely block the mind of a man in love, to take him into the subconscious, complete in itself.
Knowing the causes of love one person to another can cause this feeling in the object of his love. The first thing that people appreciate in the opposite sex and that may appeal is the appearance, deportment, grooming and sex appeal. If the appearance appeals, then love in the first sight is possible.
If a person discovers in another outwardly pleasing to a man of similar traits, habits, interests – this also brings a man and a woman. Compliments, kind words, supportive, admiring gaze contribute to the arisen feeling to intensify.
The success of the first meetings, a pleasant Dating, sexual attraction turns love in a large sense, which may end with the wedding and will last for many years.