The pride of a huge number gardeners is considered their turf. Not so easy to maintain it in perfect condition in a timely manner to cut the fast growing grass, ruthlessly destroying the weeds, and masking the resulting bald spots with podseleniem grass on corresponding plots. Particularly hard may annoy the owner of the lawn such plants as the dandelion: if its seeds were brought to the lawn once, it is not so easy to get rid of it.

How to deal with dandelions: a mechanical way of getting rid of weeds in your lawn

Never dealt with this scourge to man it may seem that there is no problem: timely enough to mow the grass on the lawn, and then Sunny yellow dandelions will not be discordant with the main green background. Unfortunately, this weed grows very quickly, and you can skip the time when dandelion flowers turn into fluffy white hemisphere, the seeds from which the first breeze will blow across your site.

You can get rid of dandelions on the lawn, destroying each of the plants mechanically. It is not enough to just pull out a weed from the earth: dandelion very long, 20-25 cm and at the same time fragile root, and if even a small part will remain in the ground, the tremendous ability of dandelion to regenerate very soon will turn the remnants of the root into a full adult plant. Thus, each instance of a dandelion on your lawn first, you need horoshko undermine, and then to extract from the earth. After that the lawn bald spots, you should sow the seeds is used your usual lawn grass.

Getting rid of dandelions on the lawn with chemicals

Many gardeners use to control weeds on his land, the achievements of modern chemical industry. In relation to dandelions is particularly effective, for example, the drugs "roundup" and "Lontrel-300", but the fit and normal vinegar, well-evaporated to increase the concentration it is toxic to this weed plant of acetic acid. It is best to carry out the procedure of getting rid of dandelions on your lawn in early autumn.

A couple of days before chemical treatment not mow the lawn; do not do this and for about a week after I treated all the weeds. Selected drug use on dandelions dot the easiest to do it with a brush with soft bristles. Over the next after the chemical treatment weeks substance gradually moves through the plant of its foliage to the root system, causing its complete extinction. After removal of wilted weeds from the soil, the resulting "licence" to re-sow the lawn with grass.