Pour the soil near the plants most often eaten by insects. On the ground lay a piece of cardboard, plywood or old linoleum and press firmly. In a day or two lift up the flooring, and you will see the moves of mole crickets.
Grind egg shells and mix it with vegetable oil. The obtained mush is put in the hole.
Take 1 kg of millet and cook thick porridge. Add the porridge a drug "Decis" and mix everything carefully. The resulting mixture roll into small balls and put them into the burrows of the insect.
From washing powder and water make a soapy solution and pour them trench left by the insects. After some time, the mole cricket will leave their shelter.
If you are not able to detect holes of an insect, you can use the following ways of coping:
Kopite in the ground a bottle at an angle of 45 degrees. Pour into the container of 100-150 ml of beer. Mole cricket reacts to the smell of beer hits the bottle, and the way back can not. After a few days, throw a bottle with dead insects, and in its place kopite another.
Make the plot a few pits and put manure in them. Mole crickets love to live in warm and humid conditions. After a few days put in the holes the poison or dig the manure. If the temperature is below zero, then just scatter the manure on the site.
You can do a larger bait. On a plot size of one meter on scatter manure, slightly moisten it with water and cover with a sheet of roofing felt ( roofing material). Wait 5-7 days, when the mole cricket is situated in a prepared trap, then cover the place with soap and water or chemical.
To fight the mole cricket can and using strong scents that she can not stand. For example, spread around the perimeter of sand mixed with kerosene or rotten fish.
Prevent harmful insects. For this plant on your plot of chrysanthemums. Mole cricket does not tolerate the smell of this flower.
In addition, planting vegetables, planting in well 1-2 cloves of garlic, the smell of which will scare away the insect.