Sagittarius is witty, cheerful and pathologically truthful. If he would fall - it will be written all over his face. His opinion will be different every time when the object of attention will be on the horizon. He will try to come closer, to touch, to start a conversation. He will not hesitate to ask. Not against the guy-Sagittarius when you show initiative. He behaves openly and likes to have surrounding not was cagey about.
Sagittarius men like smart girls. Also very important for them, a sense of humor. But the appearance of the archers is almost not interested. Of course, in well-groomed girl Sagittarius will not look. But here are some minor imperfections - big nose, not too straight teeth, short legs - just not notice. He used to see people in first person and not fixate on appearance.
To fall in love with the guy-Sagittarius need to be popular. Have a lot of friends, being active, going to parties. And to keep moving, not sit still. The archers themselves the expendables travelers and revelers. Choose the partners who love this way of life. They need to know that you are ready to leave home on demand and that you will not hold upholstered sofa and a TV.
Sagittarians always respond positively to requests for assistance. They try to be closer to people, to make friends with everyone, so never fail. You can tell the guy-Sagittarius about any of the services, and the more complex it is, the better. The archers begin to feel sympathy to those for whom they have done something significant.
Sagittarius a very good memory, use it. Show small signs of attention, flirt, he'll remember everything manifesting your location. Very soon they will develop him into a single picture, and Sagittarius will rush to the attack to understand you actually are in love or just playing.