You will need
  • alkaline drinks (milk with soda, mineral water, etc.);
  • - chamomile, sage, eucalyptus leaves;
  • soda, iodine;
  • - Lugol's iodine;
  • peroxide vodoroda;
  • - propolis.
Provide bed rest – this is due to the possible complications of the disease, which can be quite severe (rheumatic fever, myocarditis, otitis, laryngeal edema, etc.).
Plenty of warm drinks – alkaline drinks (milk with soda, mineral water, etc.), fruit juices, herbal teas and teas. Increased fluid intake helps the body to get rid of germs and decomposition products resulting from their activities.
Take your medicines. Purulent tonsillitis is treated with antibiotics, anti-allergic and anti-edematous drugs.
Rinse a throat antiseptic and disinfectant solutions, lubricate their tonsils.
If there are purulent abscess, operative intervention.
Go through the hardware procedure of cleansing the tonsils in the hospital gaps will wash a large quantity of antiseptic liquid that will remove purulent plugs of the tissues of the tonsils. After normalization of temperature it is necessary to undergo physiotherapy for early recovery of tissues.
Eat to impact on the throat was minimal – the food should be room temperature, not hot and not cold, pureed, with no sharp pieces and lumps.
Use folk recipes for the treatment of purulent angina – prepare tinctures and mouthwash. Mix chamomile, sage and eucalyptus leaves in equal quantities, thoroughly grind the dry herb and boil in a glass of water for seven minutes. Adjudged decoction should gargle as often as possible – up to 10 times a day.
Alternate herbal rinse by gargling with soda solution with the addition of iodine (7 drops in 150 ml water). Such rinsing should be done within three days. After this period, if the pus is still left, then lubricate the tonsils Lugol's iodine solution (wrap the pencil a little cotton wool and treat the throat).
Gargle with hydrogen peroxide diluted with water (15 ml 50 ml of warm water) 5 times a day. At night put under the tongue a piece of propolis size of a match head, do so for two weeks, even when the amygdala is already cleared.