What is angina?

Acute tonsillitis, or angina — a condition accompanied by inflammation of the tonsils, and sometimes other lymphoid formations. This disease is extreme pain in the throat, General weakness, headache, enlarged lymph nodes in the neck and jaw and fever (in some cases it rises up to forty degrees). Sometimes angina may not be accompanied by most of these symptoms, but the most unpleasant sensations in the throat are necessary.

There are several types of angina, the selection of drugs is based on the kind of microbe that caused the disease. Most often in modern medicine to treat angina used synthetic antibiotics and antimicrobials. The most effective are still considered drugs based on penicillin. The choice of tools is based on the individual response of patients to the drug and the sensitivity of a specific microbe. Quite often in the market you can find antiseptics in the form of lozenges, tablets, lozenges, spray or aerosol. Such antiseptics is difficult to call universal, but most of them cope with a decline in unpleasant sensations in the throat.
There is a fungal species of angina, which is most often found in women. It can trigger excess antibiotics. This sore throat can go into the chronic stage.

Traditional treatment

Many patients prefer to treat quinsy traditional means, without recourse to the doctor. They use a variety of rinsing, brush the tonsils special means, drink warming drinks, for example, strong hot tea. All of these methods reduce pain and help the body to fight the disease.
In case of allergic rashes on the skin or cardiovascular diseases put compresses prohibited. They can lead to serious consequences.

One effective means is considered a hot compress applied to the area of the throat. It reduces the pain, but, unfortunately, provokes the rapid propagation of pathogenic microbes, making them more active. Besides, the heat dilates blood vessels, which can lead to penetration of infection deeper and further into the body. So a hot compress is better to replace the rinse, which is much more useful.

If you still decided to impose the warming bandage to relieve discomfort, ask your doctor what type of compression is the least harmful. Traditionally, moist compress in case of sore throat is preferable dry. Some doctors believe that warm compresses can be put at the beginning of the disease, when there is no high temperature, in this case, you can avoid unpleasant complications in the course of development of angina.