The majority of markers in the top part of the cap is held in the housing due to the presence of annular thickenings placed in the housing recess of the same shape. Sometimes bulges on the cap and recesses in the housing several, and then pulling the cap from the housing is necessary to make a great effort. Put on clothes which is not a pity to spoil, put down the newspaper to avoid staining it with dye, then carefully, so as not to injure your fingers, pry off the cap with a sharp knife to lightly move it.
After the cap will be, pull it out using pliers. Do you feel any smell of alcohol? If so, the solvent in the markere is used this substance. Pour a few drops of vodka or pure ethanol, in any case not using methyl or isopropyl. If the alcohol does not smell, dilute the dye with water, it is used in the marker as the solvent initially. If him pour the alcohol, the porous burner Assembly is quickly deformed, because it is not designed for it.
Place the marker vertically is a contributing node down, close and leave in this position for a few minutes. Check the tool in the job - now he should leave a clear trail.
If recovery of the marker did not happen, so the reason is not drying, and markere ran out of dye. Get an ink of the same type and color as those who were in the markere original, open marker and refill as above. Use of the wrong ink can cause leaks and deformations of the writing unit. To use this marker will be very uncomfortable.