Get the right tool. Pick debander with gentle structure – so you will minimize the negative impact on the lashes and eyelid skin. There are liquid and gel compositions, the latter can be used more sparingly and are less likely to get in your eyes when you remove the artificial eyelashes. Liquid debander has the ability to rapidly spread, so it can be, already possessing a certain skill.
Protect the delicate skin of the eyelids. So how will you remove the lashes, which will fall on areas under the eyes, it is necessary to protect the skin from irritation – put under the lower lashes cut in half a cotton pad. If its just cranking, then at the most inopportune moment, the material will stretch out and ruin the entire procedure. Wool is chosen so that the excess solvent fluid is absorbed and is not penetrated to the surface of the skin.
Apply debander. Take a special brush (usually comes with solvent composition) or clean cotton swab, dip it in debander and apply the solution on the eyelashes. The amount of the solvent control themselves – all lashes have a good soak. Wait for a while.
Remove the artificial fibers. Gently remove the lashes, gently sipping for bundles or individual hairs – this time debander will start to operate and the process will go faster and easier. Try to do everything so that the smallest particles of debonders did not get on mucous membranes of the eyes or on the skin around them. It would be ideal if someone will help – it's easier to control the coating composition and to remove the lashes gently without hurting the skin and without stretching it.
Remove glue residue. Special tonic dampen a few cotton swabs and clean the skin of the eyelids and eyelashes – you need to wash away the remnants of resin adhesive which fixed artificial bundles. Remove all traces of adhesive, otherwise you can not avoid irritation and the appearance of inflamed areas.
Make a cool compress. To soothe tissue apply to eyelids two wet pieces of cotton. After a few minutes, remove cotton wool and brush your lashes with castor oil to help them quickly restore their structure.