You will need
  • clean and dry the hands;
  • eye drops for contact lenses.
Don't panic. First and foremost, before you remove the lens, you need to calm down. Shaking hands and frantically blinking eye will not help.
Thoroughly wash and dry your hands with towel or cloth, lint-free. Hands should be washed with soap or other cleanser. In any action with contact lenses hands should be clean, as it affects the health of the eye.
If the lens is visible in the eye, follow the instructions received from the physician contactology or printed on the package from contact lenses. According to the most convenient and popular way, you need the middle finger of the left hand (if you're right handed) to lift the upper eyelid, preferably with lashes, and middle finger of the right hand pull down the lower eyelid to gain access to the lens.
The pad of the index finger put on the lower edge of the lens. The forefinger and thumb of the right hand remove the lens from the eye, making a kind of "pinch" or hold the lens between the fingers.
If this procedure doesn't help, put the eyes with special eye drops for contact lenses. Blinked and repeat the procedure. If the lens is visible on the eye, no problem with clean and dry fingers will not occur because it cannot adhere to the eye.
If the lens is not visible, perhaps it fell into the space between the eyelid and eyeball. In this case, drip eye drops for lenses and do simple exercises for the eyes: spin eyes with closed eyelids, blinked, drag your finger across the century. The maximum pull on the eyelids and look for her. If the lens came in a visible place, repeat the third paragraph of the user.
Contact your doctor or contactology if all of the manipulation do not help. Further unsuccessful attempts to pull the lens can injure the eye, the doctor as professionally and quickly pull the lens.