You will need
  • cable connection to the computer;
  • - ACCORDING to your phone.
Connect your Samsung phone to the computer using the cable supplied. If you want to clear the contents of the memory card, pair the device in "removable storage".
Open the content through Explorer in the startup menu or through My computer. Make sure that the current user of the operating system provides for viewing the hidden items.
Open "folder options" menu in the control panel and go to the second tab. Select the option "Show hidden files and folders" in the bottom of the list, apply and save the changes.
In the contents of the memory card of your phone, delete unnecessary items. Also check the removable disk for viruses. If you want to completely remove data from the card, use the formatting tools of the operating system and phone.
Go to "My computer" and right-click the mouse on the connected removable drive of your phone. Click "Format" and in the appeared window press the button "Begin formatting". Wait until the end of the operation.
From your phone's menu go to file Manager of your flash card. Start the formatting process. It is also recommended to perform system restore folders after formatting via PC.
If you want to clear the memory of your Samsung phone, connect it to the computer in PC Suite mode make sure that you have the necessary software.
Start the file Explorer and then remove those which you do not need. For complete cleaning, use the recovery menu of your mobile device. In this case, the system will automatically take the necessary actions.