Advice 1: How to find out ip address of printer

Modern office printers have built-in network equipment that allows printing from all networked computers that have access. Regular printer you need to connect to any computer, and keep this computer turned on to print to it over the network. Network the printer to the computer and acts as an independent element. To connect to this printer, it is necessary to know its ipaddress.
How to find out ip address of printer
You will need
  • printer.
Read the manual for your printer. A conscientious manufacturer will indicate the address of the network card included by default. If this information in the documentation is missing, print a network setup page of the printer.
To do this, go to the menu of the printer using control buttons and then click PRINT SELF-TEST (or similar). If the printer does not have a screen, press the power button of the printer and hold for five to ten seconds. The page will print automatically. Some printerx there are buttons that allow you to print a screenshot of the screen, i.e. the picture, which at the time shown on the screen. Can use this option to restart the printer to print the start page.
Install the software from the disk settings of the printer. Usually drives network printers contain a utility to find and configure the printer on the network. Before doing this make sure that the printer is connected to the network. The CD also includes files that contain electronic documents with instructions, so carefully read all the points. If the printer is connected to a computer via USB, then look for it in the network on a private ipaddressfrom useless (unless, of course, he doesn't have a built-in wi-fi transmitter). In this case, the printer can be accessed via the ipaddress of the computer host.
Despite the difference in price compared to a conventional printermi, network printers fully justify the money spent. If you have a large office, it makes sense to buy the printer working on the network regardless of the computer host. It is also worth noting that for expensive printers paint is much more expensive than for standard.

Advice 2: How to find network address

The network address (also called MAC address of a computer) can learn a few common ways. The easiest, of course, to know the network address of the computer, looking at the label or packaging of the network card. In the case where we are dealing not with a computer but with a laptop, you need to pay attention to the bottom of the device — there should be a sticker that lists the MAC address of all network interfaces. If there is no sticker on the bottom of the laptop it should be on the packaging. But what if the packaging or documentation for the network card is not preserved?
How to find network address

You can use the command ipconfig. To do this, go to "start menu" and choose "Run", typing in the field cmd. The console window appears black, it should type the command ipconfig/all. After that, the on-screen text looking for "local area Connection" (Ethernet adapter). The string "Physical address" and will represent the desired MAC address. If one computer has multiple network cards, the physical addresses in the list respectively, will also be several, one for each installed card. It is therefore necessary to select from the list the address of the card, which you are currently interested in.

There is another way of determining the network address of the computer that are considered the most effective, but at the same time very popular and commonplace. He is to use two commands - ping and arp. In this case, it first performs a ping target, and then the arp–a command. After executing this command, you will see a table. It will contain the MAC address of the adapter that you are interested in. This method is most commonly used in a conventional peer-to-peer network. The fact is that if the network is segmented and uses the routers to find the MAC address of the computer to learn will not work (will only know the network address of the router).


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