You will need
  • - fantasy
  • - computer
  • - good printing speed
If you have a permanent partner in correspondence with which you are very close spiritually, it's interesting, you constantly think about him and do feel that I got carried away, but he lives in Krasnoyarsk and Novgorod you are in the same sexual approach but virtual sex, you will agree that there is. Perhaps in the future you decide to meet in real life, but for now, nothing else remains.
So, you and your partner have decided to give each other pleasure. In my opinion, virtual sex foreplay is as important as in real. And maybe even more important. In any case, for women for sure. If you are seriously planning to have your partner orgasm, start from afar. Ask her what she's wearing. Ask all the details. Girls like to talk about appearance, especially about her. But if you won't meet in reality, that girl, nothing prevents to imagine yourself and a new dress and gorgeous lingerie and stockings, and elegant figure at the same time.
Describe how you are approaching it, like you caught the scent of her perfume. That feel. The first time it is touched. Timidly, peering, still learning. Fantasy women are much more rich. Imagining a similar situation in real life, the woman at this moment subconsciously want even more to please you. Realizing that you haven't decided for yourself, is sex with her or not, not having captured your attention one hundred percent, she is going to try his best, because it is important to at least in a romantic meeting, the man did not think of anyone else, and his thoughts and wishes belonged only to us. The only way a woman can feel like a Queen and relax. Realizing that to compete with anyone not necessary, she'll give myself to the mercy of their king.
The woman will be very pleased if, doing virtual sex, the man will describe his human feelings, to mention the details of the situation around, not to reduce everything to a mechanical act. We don't like excessive naturalism. No woman will like a detailed description of manhood and its transformation during the act. Men, on the contrary, I love to paint my penis in flaccid state, its color, shape, size (in centimeters), because in it is all male sexuality and confidence.
Dear men, it is not necessary to be zealous. Describe in one short sentence your "combat readiness". Us that is enough. Better describing how passionately you rip the panties of your partner, mention that you threw them on the chandelier. Or tell us what fascinated with the way the glare from the flame play on the naked Breasts of your women. Or write to her, placing her on the silk sheets, you got the most beautiful crimson rose from the bouquet and held her petals on the delicate skin of your partner from her lovely lips to her womb. You will give the woman to understand that you see her that you admire what you see, what ordinary objects interspersed around her beauty and all at this moment pales in your mind prior to your woman. Realizing this, the woman really will give you. Even if it is on the other side of the world. You will possess her mind, her desire. You, and not someone from the computer.