The age of computer technology offers young people unlimited possibilities. And in terms of relationships too. Couple in love no longer need to write long love letters and send them by mail or to pay crazy money for talking. And with the advent of the program "Skype" many of them now have the opportunity to not only talk with loved ones, but also to see them. Some are using this opportunity to intimate with the purpose of having sex.

Immoral, or normal?

For couples who are separated by distance, sex in Skype, according to some psychologists, the only way to avoid cheating. In this context, virtual sex can be regarded as the norm. First, partners may remove the sexual tension. Secondly, relations from this often become stronger. Thirdly, it really is possible to avoid the infidelity.
Those psychologists don't consider something immoral, having sex in "Skype" and those couples who are separated by distance.

Such acts are regarded as an opportunity to bring to the sex life some variety. To have sex in Skype, you have to trust your partner or be very relaxed. Some couples are limited to only candid conversations, showing his body and a slight caress, which is also the norm for those who are in separation.

Sex in virtual reality as pathology

Sex in the "Skype" is a pathology, if it is the only intimate experience at a full and healthy people. That is, if two people consciously refuse to have any real sexual contact in favor of virtual sex through the screen, it is rather a pathology than the norm. First, the occupation of this kind of sex is nothing more than public Masturbation. And if this is the only intimate contact, it is the deviation and pathology. Second, this method of sex over time can lead to frigidity and asexuality.

Definitely say that the sex in "Skype" is a pathology, it is impossible. Some couples who, for some reasons (absence, illness) do not have the opportunity to have sex in reality, can be considered a normal temporary sex online through web camera. Those who do not want to enter into real intimacy, preferring Masturbation to the public in the program should seek advice from a specialist. It is possible that for such people the sex in Skype, not only pathology, but also very dangerous psychological disorder.