Proper documentation - in the order of the company. The document is conducted in the company will depend on the success of the undertaken inventory and the relevance of analytical indicators. If all measures are carried out in a timely manner, the balance at the reporting date would converge without problems.

General redemption rules

Materials – current assets of the organization. The account of materials is conducted on account 10 "Materials". During the life of the company used by a large number of low value assets.

After use, the material must be scrapped, leave it on the balance not make sense, as it leads to overvaluing assets.

Terms of cancellation are set by each organization individually, this information should be spelled out in the accounting policy. It could be a month, quarter, or the day of disposal. The disposal is made by an act of decommissioning. This document indicates the amount of charged materials and the total cost. Form developed by the entity itself. For certain groups of materials will require additional documents confirming the expense. For example, for the write-off of fuel, you must use waybills transport, which reflect the validity of cost of combustive-lubricating materials.

Transactions write-off of materials

The basis for writing off materials are all the above documents. Only when submitted to the accountant to do the transaction.

Disposal of material is always reflected in Credit of account 10 "Materials".

Depending on where it goes material values, built harness. It can be transfer into production write-off due to marriage or simply use for the needs of the organization. In most cases, there are two accounts that decided to write off the costs for materials: the account 20 "Primary production" and the account 26 "General expenses". If the organization is engaged directly in production, used 20, in other cases - 26.

Debit 20 – Credit 10 – release of materials in the main proceedings.
The debit 26 Credit 10 – Issue materials for General needs.

There are other programming options transactions. Mainly used in large organizations with a large number of departments.

23 debit – Credit 10 – Issue materials in a secondary production.
25 debit – Credit 10 – Issue materials for General working capital needs.
Debit 28 Credit 10 – Leave materials on rework.
29 the debit – Credit 10 – Release materials in service of production.
44 debit – Credit 10 – Materials written off in the course of trade or used for the detention of retail space.
94 the debit – Credit 10 – write-off value of spoiled materials, they should be released under the act of recycling.