You will need
  • To ensure that your child has secured a place in the queue, you must provide his birth certificate, the passport of one of parents (it is desirable that the residence permit in the passport was precisely in that area where your chosen kindergarten), medical history form F26 and also help confirm the benefits, if any.
First, immediately after the appearance of the baby is to find out all necessary information about the situation with kindergartens in your area. In some cities there is a large queue, so you should apply as early as possible. In other localities the place is, so worrying in advance is not necessary. In addition, choose a few nurseries that you are completely satisfied. Note the presence of the institutions, pools, sports sections, classes for art and language learning.
The next step is the filing with the special Commission for the acquisition of educational institutions realizing the basic educational program of preschool education. Address, which is the Commission, you can contact the local district Board. It is worth remembering that in most cases the Commission is working on a certain schedule. Therefore, in order not to waste time in vain, it is better to find out hours of operation specialists.
In order to enroll in kindergarten, a fee you will need the birth certificate of the child and your passport and a certificate attesting to the benefits. If the child requires special conditions for health reasons, you should provide a medical card form F26. In addition, it will be necessary to write the application. In it you must specify ' kindergartens, in which I would like to give your baby. It is better to write some addresses, otherwise it may happen that in the desired institution places are not there. In this case, you can offer another, really bad option.
After completing the application, you receive a direction in kindergarten (if the child is already ready to go in it), or a notification confirming that the child is registered in the Ledger of future students and is in line for a place.