The Council first. Do not delay your visit to kindergarten! Many gardens have a line of people waiting to get there for two more years. Therefore check you have chosen the garden as soon as you receive the birth certificate of the baby. Remember, officially in kindergarten enrolled from 1 June, but recorded on this day to start walking on 1 September is possible only by chance. Each head of the garden there is a special notebook in which he writes all the candidates try to be on the list for the desired year. Example. You came to enroll in October 2010. Your baby is now 1 month. You recorded under the number "8" in September 2012. This means that when the child is 2 years he will go to kindergarten from September 1. By the way, most preschools accept children from 2 years. In the above example, parents can from time to time to remind myself the head and not forget come the 1st of June, to arrange in a kindergarten of their child.

The second tip. Do not be lazy, and sign up to several gardens. Make a list of desirable preschools and enroll in them. This will significantly increase the chances to be in the coveted list. Remember that the lists are constantly changing. Employees of kindergartens from time to time call up potential candidates. Someone leaves, someone gets to another place, so the queue is constantly moving, the main thing to not forget. As a General rule, once a month to visit the heads and remind myself.

The third Council. During the first visit to kindergarten, try to convince the Director of his usefulness. We are not talking about a bribe. Just work with parents — the most important part of the life preschools. Each head wants his garden was the best, and parents can help. It can be claimed your professional skills, Hobbies, especially needlework, photography, etc.). You can help to organize and carry out the repairs, to assist in the purchase of equipment — anything. In principle, every person can be something useful for the garden, important to be able to explain this administration.

Remember, if you want to go to kindergarten their child, must show their willingness to participate in the life of all companies. To simplify your task look around, pay attention to the interior garden, the plan of educational work, a list of circles. This will help navigate the conversation with the administration.

The fourth Board. Pay attention to your appearance and demeanor. Everyone agrees that to deal with a decent, cultured, intelligent man, much nicer than with anyone else. What follows from this? You should look neat, simple, tasteful. A minimum of jewelry. Especially this point concerns young parents up to 25 years. They are often perceived as children, so they create a favorable first impression is very important. In General, the situation is that you are asking, and we must behave accordingly.

In this article, we deliberately have not considered such methods to draw in kindergarten a kid is like Dating, sponsorship or scandal in the education authorities. Life shows that the listed tips enough in 9 of 10 cases.