You will need
  • - Birth certificate of the child
  • - The passport of one of parents
  • - Proof of exemption (optional)
Once you get your hands on the birth certificate of the child, immediately go to stand in the queue for a place in kindergarten. As a rule, in all the cities is recorded in the departments of pre-school education by place of residence, in a specially created departments on acquisition. If you still remember the time when he went to the head of the kindergarten and recorded it – after 2006, according to a new order record, such a rule is no longer valid.
To register, you need to have two or three documents. This is the birth certificate of the child and your passport (or passport of your spouse). Another document is needed only for those who are going to stand in a privileged place. Then you'll need documentary evidence of this benefit. For example, the testimony that you are a single mother or have a large family, or the father of your child was killed in the line of civic duty. The exact list of privileges you need to specify directly the specialist of the Department where you will register.
At a reception in the procurement Department of the places you will be asked to handwrite a statement on the standard sample. In it you can specify preferred kindergarten, or at least the area in which it is located. Remember that by distributing places, the staff of the acquisitions Department in the first place look at the place of residence in the passport that you presented them. Therefore, if the place of residence and accommodation you are different, be sure to include it in the statement so as not to get a place in a kindergarten at the other end of the city.
In some regions of the country, for example, in Moscow and the Moscow region, you can put the child in turn in kindergarten through the Internet. To do this, the child's parents need to register on the website and there to fill in the electronic application form. It should be the data of the passport of one of parents and birth certificate of the child. There you can specify your preferred kindergarten or district. Besides, on the website, in the electronic register you can track the status of your application. When it's turn, the parents will receive a letter by e-mail, specified at registration.