Dry food or natural food?Little growing bodies need so many things: in addition to protein, fats and carbohydrates, you need minerals, fiber, and vitamins. You can, of course, mix in a bowl the meat, cereals, milk, egg, cottage cheese, but the dog's stomach is not so tough to digest the mixture. As claimed by the veterinary doctors, in the finished dry food, despite claims in advertising, also can not find the dog all the necessary nutrients. In addition, dry food is bad to stretch a dog's stomach, makes it work. Experts came to the conclusion that it is not necessary to oppose to dry food and natural feeding, they should be combined. For example, one day to feed dry food, the other is a natural food with high protein and fiber. Also in the diet, you can add vitamins, especially in autumn and winter, so the dog can not fully receive the necessary dose no dry food or natural food.
How to teach to <b>dry</b> <em>feed</em> <strong>dog</strong>
How to choose a dry food?Cheap dry food made from by-products and preservatives. They are not only not useful but even harmful to dogs. The use of such feed is threatened by the development of kidney stones, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in some cases, even diabetes. In addition, due to the low quality of the raw materials from which manufactured the feed, they are too quickly digested and the dog always goes hungry. Buy a good, expensive food brands tested. Food have to match the breed, weight and age of the animal. Good brands of feed a fairly wide product range, you will easily be able to choose the food that is needed for your pet. The rate of supply will be indicated on the packaging.
How to teach to <b>dry</b> <em>feed</em> <strong>dog</strong>
How to teach a dog to dry feed?Dry food is convenient: at the cottage or on the road, when there is no possibility to cook food the dog, he is simply irreplaceable. But many of the animals at first refuse dry food. In order to put the dog on dry food, you must slowly mix it to the familiar food. Maybe the dog just feel his taste, and he will have her disposition. Add food in food until then, until it will be 50% of the total supply. If the dog eats everything, try to give dry food separately. Vets recommend you soak it with water. If you are against mixing, be sure to be near the food was a bowl of fresh water. If the dog is naughty, let her get hungry. If it continues to refuse, go back to the add a feed in the usual food, until the animal get used to the taste. You may need to change the brand of feed.
How to teach to <b>dry</b> <em>feed</em> <strong>dog</strong>